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The Devil's Paddle

ISBN: 1080969748

Lisa Lathrop's life is spent trying to put the haunted years of her youth behind her. The nightmarish terror that she endured in her formative years is a secret she has kept locked away for decades. The only person aware of the horrors of her adolescence is Stas Mileski, her oldest friend. When her past comes creeping from the darkness along with an unseasonable spring snowstorm,  Stas will have to step in to unravel a mystery that will take him to Northern Minnesota, to the very spot he almost perished as a ten year-old boy.

In Brigand's Woods

ISBN-13: 978-1-976-23705-8

Castle Danger is a small town on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It’s a quaint little quiet town and yet, it harbors a few well buried secrets.  Unfortunately for Sheriff Bob Gurley, those secrets won’t be staying buried for long. A six year old unsolved murder, a cold case better left that way, has resurfaced. It haunted him then and it will haunt him again, for now Bob will be forced to delve into a troubling past. Into the sordid tale of a family long mired in mystery and murder.

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